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LokSound By ESU Decoder Tester - New Version

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LokSound By ESU

Perhaps the situation is known to you: There is a digital decoder in front of you at the workbench and you would like to test before the complicated installation in the locomotive if the decoder functions properly. But how to test?

The professional test stand can help you: The professional test stand is simply connected to your digital center or the LokProgrammer. It allows you to test each decoder without the various influencing factors of a locomotive.


In order to make this as simple as possible, the professional test rig brings valuable equipment features. To connect the decoder, all common interface sockets for the "small track widths" are available:

In addition to a 6-pin interface according to NEM 651 and an 8-pin interface according to NEM 652, a 21MTC interface according to NEM660, a PluX22 socket and the Next18 interface are also available: no matter which decoder they have: Simply plug in the decoder - done!

Locomotives without interface plugs can be contacted with individual cable clamps.

A high-quality bell crank motor with flywheel is used in conjunction with directional LEDs to control the motor output: This is how easy you control the slow-down characteristics and the synchronism of the decoder. An LED monitor informs you about the functions of the front and rear light output as well as the function outputs AUX1 to AUX6.

For the test of LokSound decoders, we installed a 20 mm loudspeaker at the same time. You can choose whether the built-in loudspeaker is switched off or 100 ohms or 16 ohms - the test stand fits perfectly for every ESU decoder generation!

Two SUSI connectors allow the direct test of optional SUSI modules as well as forwarding to a further board.

The connection to the digital center or the LokProgrammer is either done comfortably with a detachable, two-pole clamping block (the same system as the LokProgrammer or the ECoS) or with the help of two solder joints.


With the help of a newly introduced expansion socket, you can supplement your professional test stand with the professional test stand expansion board. You can easily connect and test our wide-track decoders. With all these equipment components, your professional test bench soon becomes an indispensable helper in your workshop!

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