210 Atlas Twin Electrical Control

FEATURES: The Atlas Twin consists of a pair of double-pole, double-throw       
            switches internally connected to allow independent electrical      
            polarity control at either end of two pairs of output (upper)      
            terminals. It provides a simple means for controlling reversing    
            loops or simple double track layouts.                              
          Any number of twins can be ganged (coupled) together without         
            additional wiring by using the little double-ended connectors      
          Black plastic Twin has (2) Red switches                              
          Useful for reversing section and turntable control on single-cab     
            layouts, sidings, wyes and so on.                                  
          Instructions are listed on the back of the package 
210 Atlas Twin Electrical Control
Brand: Atlas Model Rai
Model: ATL210
Quantity Available :2
Price: $11.99

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