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 Pre-Owned/Estate Sales

  • In-store & On-line
  • Diecast, Trains, Buildings, Accessories, Power Supplies, Out Of Production Items
  • We can't list all our Estate items, so be sure to stop in the shop to check out the complete collection
  • View items
  • If you would like more information on our consignment service, click here


2018 Lancaster Hobby Expo. Click here to purchase tables. SOLD OUT. Check back for cancellations or call the shop 740-653-0404
2018 Lancaster Hobby Expo. Click here to purchase model show entry tickets.

2018 SSHS Spring Fling results


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Stack Talk - The loud exhaust sound of a hard working steam locomotive.

Let's admit it, we're probably not going to have everything you need in stock. There's just too much stuff out there! But, you can Special Order what you're looking for and in some cases, have it as quick as 2-3 business days

Bring your electric or nitro car, plane, heli, or drone to our team of experts. We service all products that we sell.

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